Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yoga: An Illustration

Yoga can be described as the aligning or the bringing into harmony the body, mind and spirit.  Bringing more awareness to the connection of the physical and subtle bodies (energy, mind, intellect), guiding you to a place of blissful being.
Many people are originally drawn to yoga as a means to reduce stress or for a physical workout.  But as the practice continues and students begin to connect the body, mind, and breath something wonderful starts to happen.  A feeling of clarity and balance begin to take hold.  The yearning for a happy and meaningful life along with a connection to something greater than ourselves, begins to be more powerful than the original intentions for going to a yoga class.
Asanas (yoga postures or poses) are alive through the individual in each posture.  Allowing yourself to be open to the feeling of inner peace amongst the intensity of an asana practice, remaining calm and soft while strong and stable, takes the practice to a deeper level.
So while you are gaining flexibility and strength you are also earning numerous health benefits and deeper level of consciousness.  The best part is that it just happens.  It happens when you are ready and open to it and never sooner.

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